Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In response to MP Zombie games.

I didn't much care for CoD Nazi Zombies, it was fun for a while then it became stupid to me.  Zombies Ate My neighbors was good but I'm looking for something more this gen.  I have L4D 1 and 2 but I don't really feel like playing those.  I was hoping someone had something that I hadn't heard of yet but it appears that I'm still seeing the same games posted.

You guys do realize what this means?  I'm now looking for coders and artists to help me put together a game, nothing extravagant but something multiplayer and zombie.  C++ C Java all welcome.

*EDIT*  I know some programming myself but I'm going to need help for the larger part of the programming.


  1. I wish I could code for you bro, I've been needing something new to play myself, regardless of the quality, but just something time consuming.

    Hope you find people.

  2. you can actually program games yourself.
    i did it a while ago with gamemaker (google it).
    and if you look up their user submitted games you'll be able to find some zombie games too.
    here's a link:

  3. btw...
    dead rising 2 is said to have MP

  4. I like zombie movies so I would probably like zombie games too

  5. good luck with your gaming concept! remember to share it later too!

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  6. I'm a video game 2D artist if you need help! I always dreamed of making a zombie project.

  7. Only played zombies on COD once, and I enjoyed myself.

  8. Programming is a bitch to learn.